Ways to make penis bigger – vacuum pumps, weights, creams and surgeries!

How to get a bigger penis? There are many methods to enlarge the penile organ. Probably every man at least once thought about the possibility of lengthening the penis. Therefore, these methods are very popular. In this article, we will try to find out whether they work or not.

Vacuum pumps

The classic structure of the male vacuum pump includes a transparent flask made of durable plastic, with a rubber bag or pressure pump for air evacuation connected to it, as well as a special latex sealant. How to use this device? With the pump you need to pump out the air, which creates a zone of low air pressure around the penis, this is what causes the blood flow to the penis. The vacuum pump should be used for 15-20 minutes. A longer time of its application can cause injury to the penis.

Due to the pumping of blood inside the penis, vacuum pumps can sometimes be used to treat erectile problems. But are they effective for augmenting the penis? Experts say that the device gives only a temporary effect. Using the pump very often or for a long time leads to injuries to penile tissues and a deterioration in the quality of the erection.

Stretching the penis with weights

Stretching includes attaching a stretcher or penile extender to the male organ in order to lengthen it. In this case, small tears inside the body of the penis (the so-called microcracks) occur, which over time are overgrown with tissue similar to the body of the penis, and as a result, the penis lengthens in its natural form. Experts say that this method can work. According to some scientific studies, stretching can increase the penile organ by 1-3 centimeters. Risks include injuries to tissue and blood vessels.

Pills, creams, and similar remedies

On the Internet, there can be found a lot of various gels, creams, and pills which can make bigger penis (as stated by their manufacturers). Unfortunately, these remedies don’t work. It is impossible to enlarge the penis by using herbal or any other substances.

Penile exercises

These exercises are often called jelqing. The essence of the exercises is a hand-over-hand motion for pushing blood from the root to the glans of the penis. At first glance, this exercise seems safe. However, it can lead to microtrauma in the structure of the penis. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that this method really works.

Special surgeries

The most common procedure is cutting the ligaments connecting the penis organ to the pelvic bone. It will allow for releasing a part of the penis which is hidden under the skin. Another type of procedure is the enlargement of the penile organ. To this end, fat, silicone and other substances are implanted.

Risks of surgeries

It should be noted that now there are no well-studied surgical techniques to make penis bigger. There are many side effects of surgery, such as nerve damage, worsening of the erection, a decrease in sensitivity, which leads to the deterioration of sexual health.

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